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Classroom Volunteer Opportunities

Parent volunteers are crucial to the smooth functioning of Belvedere-Hawthorne Nursery Schools and are a welcome addition on both campuses. There are numerous volunteer opportunities available that fit into both the stay-at-home parent and the working parent schedule.


Volunteers staff the office five mornings a week. The volunteer is responsible for answering the phone, preparing teaching and craft materials as instructed by the Director, and doing other clerical tasks. The office environment is relaxed, and there are plenty of opportunities to observe and interact with the children. On average, parent volunteer once or twice in the fall and once or twice after the first of the year.


At Hawthorne, parent volunteers come in five mornings a week and help with the preparation of school materials. There are many opportunities to observe and participate in the events of the morning together with your child. On average, parents volunteer once per month.