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Leading Early Childhood Education on the Tiburon Peninsula since 1939

Established in 1939, Belvedere Nursery School is the oldest nursery school in Southern Marin. In 1950, the site on Cove Road Place was purchased and in 1953, it changed from a parent co-op to a professionally staffed nursery school. By 1968, the enrollment had grown, and all the Pre-K children moved to the Hawthorne Campus on Rock Hill Road, giving BHNS the ability to have a full five day a week Pre-K program. 

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Mission Statement

At BHNS, our mission is to provide the child with a nurturing environment to instill a love of learning through our developmental play-based curriculum informed by foundational theories of early childhood education and current brain development research.

Time for Twos

Time for Twos provides a seamless and secure transition to preschool through parent participation, rapport-building with teachers and peers, instilling confidence, and developing a strong home-school connection. 


15 Cove Road Place Belvedere, California 94920 ​

Children must be 2-2.5 years old

BNS Tuesday & Thursday 

Positive and caring teachers support secure transition to preschool and nurture children’s emerging abilities through our play-based curriculum, where play and social emotional learning fosters cognitive growth, self-confidence, and curiosity for continued learning and positive social engagement.


15 Cove Road Place Belvedere, California 94920 ​

Children must be at least 2.5 years old

Continuity of a nurturing environment and play-based curriculum that builds upon the children’s increasing skills, offering expanded opportunities for more complex skill building and peer engagement.


15 Cove Road Place Belvedere, California 94920 ​

Age: 3 on or before September 1


Our play-based Pre-K  provides a welcoming and nurturing environment where children can hone skills imperative for transition to kindergarten and life-long learning through guided play and theme based projects that are focused on fostering curiosity and the child becoming capable and conversational.


145 Rock Hill Road

Tiburon, California 94920

Age: 4 years before September 1 

BNS Monday,  Wednesday, Friday

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What Our Families have to say ... 

My name is Kim Barron (maiden name is Lindgren) and I attended BHNS in 1986 for the Time For Two's Program! Mrs. Parker was teaching at the time and was just as warm and wonderful then as she is now. BHNS provided an incredible community of friends to my mom when I attended and now to myself and my family, for my son Thomas who attended (now at Reed school), and also for my daughter Kennedy, who now attends, 30+ years later.  ...


Mrs. Parker has built an incredible school and program, cares immensely for these kids and has a way about her that is truly special. She has a gift with people and I am so lucky that both of my kids got to experience what I did at this magical school. Along with all of the teachers who work hard to keep our kids safe, have fun and teach them all the things needed to prepare them for the next step. We love BHNS! 

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